USA TODAY Features Founder #InTheirWords

12 Feb 2015

Rocque More Media founder Genie Lauren was invited to contribute to USA TODAY’s #InTheirWords Project, a conversation that serves as an introduction to modern-day activists and organizers.

“There is a new generation of voices shaping our national conversation about being black in the USA. This is a space for those voices to be heard. Instead of taking a traditional approach to reporting their stories, we decided to step aside and let people tell their stories #intheirwords. The goal is to start an authentic dialogue about the state of civil rights today and to deepen our collective understanding.” – USA TODAY

Contributors were featured in a series of vignettes sharing their personal stories, motivation for action, and thoughts on racial justice in the United States. Ms. Lauren’s own vignettes include her thoughts on who can be an activist, push back against respectability politics, and how the internet is bringing hard conversations to the forefront.

Among the activists and organizers who also contributed to the #InTheirWords Project was Charlene Carruthers of the Black Youth Project, Alicia Garza of Black Lives Matter, and meteorologist Rhonda Lee. The Project can be viewed in its entirety on USA TODAY.