Good Morning Black Twitter

It's #TeaTime

Prolific tweeter, influencer, and founder of Rocque More Media LLC, Genie Lauren, hosts ‘Good Morning Black Twitter’ – a daily procedural webcast covering all the memes, happenings, and causes of the loosely-knit social media network known as Black Twitter.

It’s no secret that Black Twitter consistently drives discussions on Twitter that reverberate offline, as well as throughout other social media networks. ‘Good Morning Black Twitter’ aims to engage the community and be a watering hole for its lively members via episodes that air weekday mornings on Acast and YouTube, and weekly newsletter that showcases Black Twitter’s own “local” businesses. In addition to hot takes and recaps, ‘Good Morning Black Twitter’ seeks to give a platform to budding ideas, and feed discussions with #TeaTime and #QOTD segments.

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